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Pollen, OKP4's Data Platform offer

Pollen delivers business value from your data through its Data Platform as a Service solution. Create a data sharing ecosystem in a few clicks with customised rules, governance mechanisms and dedicated business models to get the most out of your data.

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One solution that fits
all your needs!

OKP4 proposes its Pollen offer dedicated to companies that want to take control of their data through a Data Platform as a Service. The Pollen solution connects to all your existing infrastructures and tools to better cross-reference, aggregate and contextualize your data. In a few clicks, manage access, create dynamic and interactive dashboards and distribute them to your employees and partners.

Unlike other solutions on the market, the Pollen platform guarantees excellent freedom in your technological choices and the sovereignty of your data. You decide where to host your data, on your servers, in a centralized cloud (Microsoft, Amazon, OVH, etc.) or even in a decentralized cloud. We adapt to existing infrastructures while preserving your work habits. You are also free to use the newly created knowledge as you wish, in your existing B.I. tools, in a new tool or integrated into Pollen.

With the Pollen platform, you can access the Dataverse, an ecosystem of data and services accessible via the OKP4 protocol. Take advantage of this ecosystem to enrich or enhance your data and access new knowledge. For example, Rhizome, a data space gathering open agricultural data created by OKP4, will allow you to enrich and increase your data thanks to different datasets such as the RPG, the agricultural census, data on agricultural practices, etc.

A new approach to Big Data

POLLEN combines the strength of the current web (human user-centric experience, fast coordination and operation) with web3 advantages (data sovereignty, governance, decentralisation, incentives, auditability, open innovation, etc.). We make the worlds of Web2.0 & Web3.0 coexist.

Our innovative solution adapts to your needs and maturity level by offering three levels of subscription.

We offer autonomy, non-locked-in technology, transparency and project support.

Unlock your data’s value.


Access to Data Platform & Dataverse

Integration and processing of Datasets and services

Governance rules management

Detailed access management (roles and users)

Workflow builder & Knowledge graph

Knowledge creation process automation

Cloud back-up & storage

1 TB

3 TB

5 TB

Metadata management

Metadata search



In addition

2 hours

4 hours

Monitoring tools


Management and processing interfaces


OKP4 Business Intelligence (Data visualisation)


Artificial Intelligence service (ex: data quality, authentication, personal data…)



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They talk about us

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“Our clients’ data has gradually become essential to enrich and strengthen our consultants’ expertise. Up until now the data was kept in silos and wasn’t always interoperable. The global mutualisation that OKP4 offers has opened new doors for us to go further with our consulting and training services.”

Benjamin Viguier, Co-manager of Réseau Motival
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“Aggregating data and feeding AI is now crucial for improving value repartition in agriculture and highlighting the work of the farmer.”

Maximin charpentier, president of the Grand Est Chamber of Agriculture and Numagri

A “user friendly” Data Platform

We design interfaces that are quick and easy to pick up. We offer an intuitive interface, simple navigation, clear data presentation, easy search and easy access to main features. POLLEN includes features such as a user guide, online tutorials and technical support to help users make the most of the platform. Our solution makes it easy to find information and use it effectively. It contributes directly to maximising your company’s performance.

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Data sharing,
your organisation’s new philosophy?

Generate new sources of revenue

Adopting a Data Centric approach

Getting rid of data silos

Foster and promote innovation

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