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At last, make the
most of your data

To make the most of your data, you can explore and gain an understanding of it with data analysis tools. It is possible to predict trends and future behaviours using prediction models and machine learning and communicate analysis results with visualisation.

It is essential to make sure your data is reliable, of good quality and that data collection and storage processes are secured.

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A customised and secure sharing space

Data Spaces are regulated by certain rules: governance (who do I share my data with, what type of data, what for…) as well as resources you choose to share with users. These spaces can be diverse and multiple, interconnected or not, private or public, in one word: customised.
Data Spaces give you the opportunity to keep your existing infrastructure and systems whilst benefiting from the power of data sharing.

European standard

The Data Space concept is strongly promoted by the European Union as part of data sharing programmes (Data Governance Act, GDPR, etc…). We challenge and compare our visions and use cases within various associations of which we are members (IDSA, Gaia-x, aNewGovernance, etc.) in order to create a data management and coordination standard on a European and even global level.
Our solution aims at making Data Space creation easier, focusing on your needs rather than technology.

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Sovereignty, autonomy and decentralisation

Data Spaces are concepts and don’t exist physically. They are ledger that group a set of digital resources and rules. You can choose to use and keep your current storage systems like Data Lakes or Data Warehouses as well as your data collection and visualisation tools. You benefit from a sovereign infrastructure for your data and innovative technology to reveal its potential.

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Benefit from outsourced expertise

Before engaging in any Data project, a detailed and precise awareness and knowledge of the various data sources, its organisation, structuration, the various users, roles and data governance (if applicable) is anessential prerequisite to guarantee the quality of the project.

Governance, too often forgotten

We believe data governance is a central element in data sharing. The methods we deploy during our consulting missions focus on installing effective governance methods that fit your business needs and processes. Indeed, often a data issue is above all a governance issue.

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