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Discover Rhizome, the power of agricultural data

The 360° solution to get the most value from agricultural data!
Rhizome: the first Data Space dedicated to agricultural open data. Share your data without exchanging it in a non-invasive, agnostic and transversal way.

Open agricultural data sharing

The objective of Rhizome is to allow the sharing and diffusion of open farming data (data often under exploited) on a large scale. It will also confirm the potential of a Data Space under OKP4 protocol.
The Rhizome Data Space will generate future Data Spaces operated and managed by actors from the agriculture industry. These will be private data sharing ecosystems in this case.

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Gain access to
new knowledge.

Rhizome combines a common governance framework, a service and data orchestration infrastructure (the Data Platform) and interfaces. The latter allow interactions with the infrastructure to contribute to produce and access new knowledge. The idea behind it is to coordinate a set of data and services shared by a contributors’ community.

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