Our case studies

Various case studies on different scales

Pollen offers 4 types of case studies. Each of them is defined as a data sharing ecosystem for a given scale.

We have already referenced several case studies in various sectors such as agriculture, logistics and industry.

You will find a non-exhaustive project list with our clients and partners such as: Ekitia, La Data dans le Pré, CROP, E-logik, Motival…

Regional case study

A data sharing ecosystem at regional level

Ex: The Data Space Occitanie (Ekitia)

Project case study

A data sharing ecosystem as part of a project with previously defined objectives

Ex: La Data est dans le Pré (The Data is in the Field)

Sector case study

A data sharing ecosystem for a whole sector or industry vertical without prior objective

Application case study

A data sharing ecosystem as part of a specific business application creation

Image illustration Rhizome


Rhizome is the first data space created by OKP4 dedicated to agricultural open data. Rhizome allows you to enrich and increase your data thanks to different datasets such as the RPG, the agricultural census or practice data for example.

Illustration cas usages la data est dans le pré


Supported by CERFRANCE Bretagne, this project valorises agricultural data (technical and accounting) through a mechanism for setting a fair price for dairy products, and then provides specific advice to each farmer.

Illustration cas usages crop


The CROP project is a service designed by FarmLEAP, OKP4 and Kermap. CROP cross analyses various sources of data to gain better knowledge for an individual farm as well as the region to which it belongs.

Illustration cas usages e-logik


« e-Logik innovation and network » provides logistics solutions and manages deliveries for the members of e-Logik network, which represents more than 25 warehouses in France and Switzerland and approx. 500 retailers with customers in more than 125 countries.

Illustration cas usages motival


Motival network is a training consulting company specialised in agriculture. The Motival network trains and accompanies sales teams of French cooperatives and wholesalers.

Illustration cas usages industrie


Gaining value from production line data to feed business applications.

Industry actors can unlock the full value of their data with the Data Platform.

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