Who are we?

We are at the service of your data

We are a young company based in Toulouse specialised in management, sharing and gaining value from data. The company was created in 2018 to bring clients innovative tools to improve their approach to data and gain value from it.

We propose these services to you through our solution Pollen and we actively participate in the development of the OKP4 protocol.

Bureau de l'entreprise

Specialists in sectorial data

Initially specialised in the farming sector, we have gradually developed our expertise in other sectors such as logistics. Our specificity resides in having in-house specialists for various business sectors. It enables us to understand your reality and deliver adapted services.

An innovative data expertise

Data does not have intrinsic value. It actually represents a cost because you need to store it, organise it, make it secure…

We believe in the economy of knowledge and in the fact that data gains value only when contextualised, aggregated and shared. This is why we created Pollen, an innovative OKP4 protocol-based technology to encourage and secure data sharing.

We chose to develop open-source software so our users can benefit from great freedom when it comes to using it, further development possibilities and customisation.

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A user-friendly
and human approach

This is not only a project for public interest, we are aware this disruptive approach impacts habits, uses and ways of thinking. This is why we are fully dedicated to designing new tools that will help appropriate these new technologies.





Our team is composed of various business line experts, developers, data scientists and project managers. They will guide and accompany you to ensure you get the most value out of your data.

General Management

Photo Emmanuel

Emmanuel Aldeguer



Photo Marine

Marine dechamp-guillaume

Project director

Photo de profil gabriel

Gabriel mengin

Project manager

Photo de profil cedric

Cédrick-armel yao yebouet

Junior project manager

Marketing & Communication

Photo Julien

Julien massonnat

Head of marketing & communication

Manon point

Head of digital marketing

Photo de profil yoan

Yoan claro

Digital marketing assistant

Sales & Partnerships

Photo de profil lucas

Lucas prézelin

Head of business development

Photo Louis

Louis marline

DACH business developer

Photo de profil jean-yves

Jean-yves roux-levrat

Business Development Consultant


Photo de profil christophe

Christophe Camel


Photo Frederic

Frédéric vilcot

Main front-end developer

Photo Arnaud

Arnaud mimart

Cloud architect

Photo de profil benjamin

Benjamin deneux

Full stack developer

Photo Joey

Joey rémion

Full stack developer

Photo de profil lauren

Lauren olivier

Front-end developer

Photo Joakim

Joakim eriksson

Junior developer

Anja Miscevic

Front-End Developer / Coach Agile

Photo de profil damien

Damien sonneville

Head of Data

Photo de profil nour

Nour elhouda kired

data scientist

Dolorès Valide

data analyst

Photo Jeremy

Jérémy legon

Junior IT & development assistant

Blockchain ecosystem

Photo de profil théo


Head of the blockchain ecosystem

Administration & Finance

Photo Tatiana

Tatiana aldeguer

Administrative Manager

Photo Thibault

thibault turpin

Management controller and decentralised finance manager

Photo Yuki


happiness manager